Alive (2018)

A dance music inspired vocal album.


Kiss (2017)

After a studio upgrade, I was inspired to create  a new vocal Rnb album.

Album art by Metin Kolsuk



Rhythm and Orchestra (2016)

For this E.P. I wanted to combine orchestral elements with an Rnb sound and vocals and experiment a bit with a sound I’d not heard much of before.

Album art by Metin Kolsuk



Keyboard Jazz (2015)

This is a jazz fusion instumental E.P. No real instruments were used, hence the name ‘Keyboard Jazz’.



Replicate (2014)

The theme for this mini vocal album was to combine two strong elements – love and bass.



Dimensions of Destiny (2013)

The piano solo intro came to me in a dream in it’s entirety – the only thing that I’ve ever been able to take from a dream into the real world. Soon after this, a friend of mine (Ricky Baxter told me he was writing a story about characters in a dream that wanted to live on even after the dream ended. After reading his story outline, I was inspired to write this album. He is also a self-taught keyboardist like myself and his piano work features on the track ‘it’s already over’. In turn, I gave my vocals to one of the tracks in his official soundtrack to his finished story, ‘Colours of Destiny’. I explored my falsetto in this album, something that I hadn’t done before.



It Started in 2012 (2011)

This reverse time capsule tells the story of the events that occurred around 2012 in a parallel universe. This universe bears a remarkable resemblance to our own…
2 BONUS tracks and FULL STORY OUTLINE available on download from bandcamp.

Album art by Metin Kolsuk



Electronic Reality (2010)

This vocal album is all about relationship experiences. My own, my friends and ones that I had heard about. For the sound, I was inspired by 80′s and early 90′s electronic music, which I infused with my own sound. This album also includes a remix of ‘Sanctuary’ from my 2009 album ‘Ascension’.

Album art by Metin Kolsuk



Ascension (2009)

This is an experimental drum and bass album. I made Ascension track by track, with the final order being the exact order in which the songs were composed. I wrote this in the months before moving out of the family home, and the track ‘The Other Side’ was written as a direct result of what I felt at that time, with my mother encouraging me and others criticising my life decisions.

Album art by Metin Kolsuk



Daydreams (2009)

This was my first album with my new keyboard workstation that I had always wanted – Yamaha Motif XS 8. The song Daydreams in this album is about exactly that. Some dreams do come true.

Illustration by Jacob East, coloring by Danny Adler.